Glastonbury stage times and map mobile app

Ticketlab are proud to announce their first mobile app: a Glastonbury clash and stage finder app for Android. Glasto 2014

We’re long-time fans of the Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts. The team have all attended the past few years – some of us have been going for nearly 10 years!

Every year we visit the Clashfinder, select all of the acts we want to see and then print it out and take it with us. By day 3 the pieces of paper are covered in mud or have almost completely disintegrated.

This year we’re making use of the recharge stations, packing an extra battery and getting scientific about the whole process.

You can use the app to save all of the acts you want to see at the festival. It’ll then help make sure you don’t miss your favourite bands by providing a countdown to the next saved act, by showing you now and next bands on the current stage, by showing you where the stages are and by generally making you more useful than your friends and their pieces of paper.

It’s available for free from the Google Play Store now. The stage times aren’t 100% finalised yet, so we will be updating it as we get closer to the event.

If you’re geeks like us, you can view the source code on Github, so if you want to contribute, make your own version or just see how we did it, please check it out.

We’ll be at the festival too, so keep an eye on our Twitter account (@TicketlabUK) to see the latest news from the festival.

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