New Year: time to get event fit!

Excuse the cheesy post title, but it’s that time of year everyone vows to quit all the things that are bad for them, start doing the things that are good for them, and make this year more successful and profitable than the last.

If you’re in the events business, this may mean you’re looking to cut costs, expand your reach and find a new ticket provider – well, we certainly hope so anyway!

Ticketlab is specifically aimed at the needs of small businesses including venues and promoters by being completely free to set up events. The event set up process is also super fast, meaning you’ll save time too.

If you’re looking to sell more tickets than ever, we also provide a couple of key features to help you spread the word. You’re able to like and share your event to Facebook, Twitter and Google+ straight from the event page. You can also send an email to your mailing list directly from Ticketlab – simply click the “invite” link from your event page when logged in and paste the addresses in – you can even send a personalised message with the invite.

We’ve made one or two New Year’s Resolutions ourselves here at Ticketlab and (lucky for you) they’re all things you’ve asked us to do!

In the coming year we’ll be (finally!) adding support to use credit and debit cards on the site. We’ll also be implementing multiple ticket types so you can offer student or discount tickets or even offer early bird discounts.

If you think we need to add anything else post-haste, just reach out and mail and tell us how you feel!

Have an amazing New Year!

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