Recent work on Ticketlab

Hey there,

We’ve been busy down in the ‘lab and thought you might like to know what we’ve been up to.

The scientists can sometimes forget that not everyone has a PhD. In light of this we’ve added two new sections to our Support Centre.

These sections cover Getting Started and pricing.

The Pricing page even has a handy calculator, so you can see what the total booking fees your customers will have to pay for different ticket prices.

You can also still find the guide to accepting tickets on the night in that section as well.

We’ll be expanding this section over the coming weeks to answer more of your regularly asked questions. In the meantime, if you have a specific question for the scientists at Ticketlab, please use our contact form to ask us directly.

The other big improvement we’ve made is to the event listings page. We’ve given the page a bit of a spruce up and added images so your event can shine better. We’re also going to continue to develop this page to add filtering and artist-specific pages to make your event even easier to find.

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