Shiny new things

It’s no secret that we’ve been busy the last few weeks. We’ve massively ramped up on delivery of a few features based on customer feedback, first among these was a new homepage and brand. Check it out! The work on the colours and brand throughout the site also led us to add site-wide navigation – so now it’s easier to see other events as well as other core areas of the site.

Next up, and while we were still in the styles, we re-did the mobile side of things, neatening up forms and bits that had slowly degraded over time.

The next new feature we turned our hand to was for data download. If you set up your event and sell tickets, you can now download your guest’s data to help you keep in touch with them. Of course, we only allow the extraction of the data for whom they have opted in to receive communications from you, but that’s still a good chunk of your audience to send follow up communications to.

It’s currently implemented on an event-specific basis, so the data is segmented: you can download all of the data, or specific emails of those who attended, didn’t attend or for the guest list.

If you’d like to know more, get in touch or have a go and start selling event tickets now!

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