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East of Eden

Saturday 7th April 2018, 3:30pm

Price: £40.00
(£41.80 including booking fee)

I'm afraid this event has already occurred. Let's not live in the past - find an upcoming event!

About Transformational Breath® Workshop

In this 2.5 hour workshop you will learn about & experience the benefits of breathing fully with the help and guidance of fully trained Transformational Breath® facilitators. This award winning therapy involves connected breathing, acupressure (light touch – no needles!), sound and movement.

Very few people find it easy to access a full diaphragmatic breath where the breath flows fully and freely and most of us have a build up of tension in the secondary respiratory muscles; the shoulders, neck and intercostal muscles. This technique can teach you the tools you need to open up the breath and free the body of stress.

This cutting-edge breath work can be powerful and transformative. By accessing a full conscious breath, you can improve your digestive system, boost your energy levels, improve circulation and deepen sleep cycles. It also works on a deeper level whereby old emotions can be released in a gentle way allowing the body and mind to feel lighter, freer and much more relaxed - just after one session. 

About Aimee Hartley who will be presenting the workshop:

Aimee is owner of www.thebreathingroom.co.uk 'The Breathing Room' and studied and qualified as a Transformational Breath® Facilitator and Workshop leader with founder of the technique, Dr Judith Kravitz in Italy and the US in 2011. She currently offers private Transformational Breath sessions and workshops in London and runs retreats in the UK. Previously, a qualified Professional Yoga Teacher, she runs conscious breath and movement classes in London and offers weekly breathing exercises via Instagram @breathinghub. Aimee has experienced many breath works in her yoga teaching training and personal practice and Transformational Breath is the most powerful conscious breath work she has come across to date.  

All yoga mats, bolsters and blankets supplied. The session is experienced lying down in a beautiful breathing room at East of Eden. The studio is light and airy and has a great selection of air purifying plants to ensure you are breathing in clean air which is essential for City dwellers.

Terms & conditions for Transformational Breath® Workshop

Both beginners and experienced breathers are welcome to join this workshop. A medical form will be sent to you a week before the session.

Full amount will be charged if cancellations occur less than 48 hours before the event.

Here are a few recommendations to follow prior to the workshop.  

Transformational Breath® is a self healing therapy and is best experienced when the system is clear.  It is best to avoid alcohol and caffeine 24 hours prior to a session.  Practising on an empty stomach is essential so please avoid heavy meals at least 2 hours prior to your appointment.  

Due to the abdominal nature of the breathing practice, it’s essential you wear comfortable clothing (esp around the waist area) to enable your body to be as relaxed as possible.  Do bring some warm clothes (socks/jumper) for relaxation.

It’s essential you inform us of any respiratory conditions or whether you have had any abdominal surgery in the last year. I will be asking on the day but if there is anything better shared over email do let me know. Also, it’s essential to let me know if you are taking medication or you feel there is any medical condition or issue you feel I will need to know about including whether you are pregnant / trying to get pregnant.

All of the above are for you best interest and will allow you to enjoy all the benefits Transformational Breath® has to offer.

please contact aimee on aimee@thebreathingroom.co.uk with any questions

East of Eden

East of Eden,
12 - 15 Hatherley Mews,
E17 4QP


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