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The CentrE17

Thursday 29th March 2018, 7:30pm

Price: £10.00
(£10.70 including booking fee)

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Interchangeable Bodies explores what gender means to us as individuals, where these understandings come from, and how they affect us.

The performance combines explorative and playful elements while aiming to explore and interrogate our understanding of gender.

The performer and the audience use their own experiences and questions to find a group definition for what gender means to us, and find where they would place themselves within that, then imagine where we could go from here.

How we understand gender and how it is portrayed and perceived in our culture is something that no one can avoid. But it can be too easily accepted, or taken for granted. If we continue to accept the status quo then some of us-  if not all of us-  will at some point feel at odds with the world because of who we are. We need to talk about this. I'm making this project so that we can, so that we can say the things we're not sure how to, question the things we'd never thought to, and air the things we're not sure we're 'allowed' to.

Louisa Claughton is a theatre maker based in Leeds. She makes work that is shaped by the audience. In each performance, she aims to take apart an element of day to day life and see how it works, or if it works. Above all she tries to make work that is honest, curious, and playful.

Interchangeable Bodies has received support from the West Yorkshire Playhouse, Theatre in the Mill, Live Art Bistro, Slung Low, The Marlborough Theatre, O2 Think Big, Third Angel, and the University of Hull.

Terms & conditions for INTERCHANGEABLE BODIES

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The CentrE17

1 Church Hill,
E17 3AB


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