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The CentrE17

Sunday 15th April 2018, 8:00pm

Price: £7.00
(£7.62 including booking fee)

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How to be a Londoner in an Hour
Written & Directed by Steve Hili

Londoners are strange folk. A peculiar mix of smugness, passive aggression, and panic attacks every time the rent is due, the people who live in our capital are a unique breed. And now, you can learn how to become one, a real one! How to be a Londoner in an hour is a brand-new play all about the weird and wonderful traits of Londoners. From tube etiquette to flat-sharing with maniacs via figuring out if it is a zombie invasion or just foxes getting it on, this is a must-see show for anyone who lives in London, has ever been to London or has ever been perplexed by London behaviour. You might even meet Boris Johnson. *

*Not the real Boris Johnson.

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The CentrE17

1 Church Hill,
E17 3AB


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