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The CentrE17

Friday 20th April 2018, 7:30pm

Price: £8.00
(£8.68 including booking fee)

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SpeakUp Theatre presents: Legendairy

Meet Cassie. She is performing her debut stand up show. She’s never done comedy before. She’s also a cow.
The Bovine advertising campaign meets the secret holocaust we call the meat industry. An unsettling look at farming on an industrial scale.

What people are saying about SpeakUp:
“Disturbingly authentic” – Three Weeks (Cognitions)
“Powerful…an important show to catch this year” Fringe Guru (Cognitions)


Can we start again?

Balloon explores the anxiety of living in this world with technology advancing and our chances of being able to afford a house decreasing and the amount of apathy it takes to get through the day. A surreal and comedic journey through one woman's attempt to try and find the point in it all.

Over Soon

“I never asked for any of this.

I am looking at life, but from such a distance

And I’m short sighted so it’s just…”

In the UK suicide remains the leading cause of death for men aged 20-34.

This is not a story of statistics.

This is real.

A brutally honest and emotional show, Over Soon is a stripped back and unflinching look at the manic highs and punishing lows of battling depression.

**** ‘Intensely visual and visceral… Incredibly fresh’  - Broadway Baby

Before I Was a Bear

Writer: Eleanor Tindall
Director: Aneesha Srinivasan

It's a rainy Wednesday night in an empty bar in North London. Callisto is drinking wine and waiting for a friend whilst rolling a cigarette and absentmindedly humming to Little Mix. She's bored and not quite drunk enough yet. After a few minutes, the door opens. She glances towards it briefly and doesn't quite register who it is until she looks away - Was that...? That looked a bit like..? She looks over again, this time more discreetly, and it is. It's him. She's sure it's him. She looks at the wine in front of her. She's definitely not drunk enough to go over. 

But she could be.

Before I Was A Bear is a short play about power and female sexuality.

“Before I Was A Bear” (...) a monologue on the politics and societal pressure placed upon the sexual agency of women, was among those that grabbed me the most, and Ava Pickett did excellent work turning the absurd start (she enters the stage dressed in a bear costume) into a faintly chilling end.' Quote from a review of PEN #2 at the Arcola by @joeyreviews. 

Terms & conditions for SHORTS NIGHT

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The CentrE17

1 Church Hill,
E17 3AB


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