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Layhams Farm Shop

Saturday 9th June 2018, 11:00am

Price: £8.50
(£9.21 including booking fee)

Sold out

About Making Scents

Perfumes & Potions

‘Making Scents’

Perfumes & Potions Workshop (suitable for ages 3-8 years)

A truly sensory experience that Children are naturally drawn to!


An hours Workshop where your Child can make his or her own scent, using natural ingredients, such as food flavourings, colours, flowers and rose petals.

They will:

·         Mix up their potion of petals, and choose foodie colours and flavours

·         They will then bottle their Scent

·         Cover their perfume box in pretty paper and design both bottle label and box

·         Pop their perfume in a bag and into their box

·         Design their Fragrance Sheet

…………………………………………………so they will enjoy the whole creative process from process to packaging!


£8.50 per Child.  – 1 Hour.


Children love making potions from an early age & this activity promotes the following:


•Science: exploration/ investigating/ experimenting with concoctions/ liquids/ mixing


•Maths: volume and capacity/ full and empty /prediction


•PSED: working together/ communicating / working as both part of a group/independently


•Motor Skills: pouring between containers/ Using a funnel/ Using a Pipette


•Sensory: exploring using all senses/using senses to make decisions


· Cognitive: Making Decisions/Observing & copying/ thought process to make choices on branding.


· Expressive arts and design : Being Imaginative


Becky Ross-Simmonds

BA (Hons) Early Years

Owner of Pumpkins Creative Kids




Terms & conditions for Making Scents

Terms & conditions for Making Scents - Perfumes & Potions

Only food and drink purchased on site may be consumed


Parents and Carers to remain on site for duration of workshop

Layhams Farm Shop

Layhams Road,


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