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St Augustine's Centre

Sunday 23rd September 2018, 2:30pm

Price: £12.00
(£12.80 including booking fee)

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About The Ayurvedic Clock: Change your schedule, change your life

2.30 - 4pm

Did you know that the 2017 Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded for research on the body's clock? Yet thousands of years ago, Ayurveda established the importance of alignment with the cycles of nature for human wellbeing, and how elements of nature uniquely combine in each person to shape their mind-body. Understanding these aspects and living accordingly can help us to thrive now and give ourselves the best chance of writing ourselves out of the story of hereditary and life-style related disease. 

At this interactive event, we will delve into the optimal daily timings for feeding/fasting and for rest/activity to work with nature rather than against it. Aligning better with natural cycle impacts virtually all aspects of our inner ecosystem - metabolism, detoxification and elimination, immunity, energy, hormone balance, cognitive function - too many to list.  You'll also identify your unique mind-body constitution and better understand how this plays a role in your wellbeing. Come along to get some actionable wisdom you can apply to your own life!

More info about facilitator at http://Shumaisakhan.com

*Please note that unfortunately there is not step-free access to this room on the second floor.

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Refunds up to three weeks before event.

St Augustine's Centre

Stanford Avenue,


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