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The Health Works

Saturday 29th September 2018, 2:00pm

Price: £35.00
(£36.60 including booking fee)


About Self Care Workshop: Yamuna Body Rolling

Reorganise and improve our bodies.

This Self care Yamuna Body Rolling workshop is a deep delicious way of unwinding tension, stress, and discomforts within our bodies.

Disc herniations, chronic tension patterns, lower back pain, neck problems, shoulder problems, sciatica - the list of common complaints goes on and on.

This unique intelligent self- care practice will help you improve posture, flexibility, strength, and alignment.

Body Rolling puts the foam roller to shame. It gets into those stuck places much more effectively.

Using a small ball we roll the body out, creating space in the joints while toning and elongating all the muscles. The result is a total de-compression of the body - you will walk away taller and with greater range of movement in all the joints. It's amazing how much body trouble we can ease in just one session. 

In this workshop, we will unwind and recalibrate our whole body - knees, hips, shoulders, spine, ribcage, and neck. 

Yogis and Pilates students in particular will find Yamuna body Rolling a smart tool to compliment your practice.

The Health Works

111a Hoe Street,
E17 4RX


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