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Create relationships that last

Living Centre

Thursday 25th April 2019, 12:30am

Price: FREE

I'm afraid this event has already occurred. Let's not live in the past - find an upcoming event!

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About 3 Keys to Choosing a Great Partner

Choosing a partner is one of the hardest and most important decisions you will ever have to make because you are really deciding who you want to make the commitment to evolve with.

Your choice of partner has to be based on qualities that you know will sustain you, your partner and the vision for your relationship.

If you're looking for a lifelong relationship and don't want to waste your valuable time or energy investing in someone only to find out that they're not the right one for you, then this FREE talk is for you.


Trust your intuition

Make the right choices

Create relationships that last

Living Centre

1 Coral Street,


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