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Preston Park

Sunday 28th April 2019, 2:00pm

Price: £15.00
(£15.95 including booking fee)

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About Ayurveda-inspired Spring Wild Plant Walk - Pay it Forward

*Pay it Forward tickets help fund the same types of walks for a group of refugees with an interpreter

2 - 4.30pm Preston Park, Brighton BN1 6SD

Wild plants serve important functions for insect and other wildlife, but many can also serve as food and medicine for us! Come along to this walk in Preston Park and skill up in another way to reduce waste. Some of the plants considered weeds, and sadly subjected to pesticides, have traditionally been used as food and medicine around the world. The fact that they are so abundant and resilient means that with care and respect, they can be responsibly harvested. Some are like vitamins, which could replace the supplements that comes in packaging and don't offer the bioavailability that fresh whole plants do.

Even just small amounts of wild plants into our food and drink injects some more vitality, or prana,into us, and at this time of year is really important to do to break up the heaviness of winter. We'll also look at some useful medicinal plants, and explore the elements and how they shift with seasons, and how we can shift accordingly to stay more balanced. Ayurveda is about living in alignment with nature, so connecting with the local nature we are a part of, and conencting with seasonal changes, is key!

The meeting point is in Preston Park is at the north end of the park by the entrance to the walled garden, near the two old elm trees.  We'll start with a tea-tasting of one of the plants, then walk in and around the Preston Park area, ending around 4.30 - 5pm.

Other events will include similar plant walks at different points in the year, and also rituals to connect more deeply with plants. Sign up here to stay updated.

Terms & conditions for Ayurveda-inspired Spring Wild Plant Walk - Pay it Forward

No refunds within one week of event.

Please note to check email for any weather-related updates 24 hours before the event.  Refunds will be provided for any cancellations.

Preston Park

Preston Road,


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