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Gnome House

Friday 28th June 2019, 5:00pm

Price: FREE


About Firm Feet® SHARE

A space to share knowledge & experiences relating to eating distress, body dysmorphia and body image issues.


Firm Feet® SHARE 5-7pm


A softly guided and supportive interactive sharing circle hosted by Firm Feet’s Charlie Boyd. The aim of this evening is to safely connect, share and exchange experiences and knowledge of eating distress, body dysmorphia and food related issues. Bridging the gaps, discussing stigma and dispelling myths to enable healing and understanding. 

We will explore concerns, share tools that have aided recovery, discuss issues and focus on ones physical, emotional and spiritual development. We will discuss the importance of body positivity, breathwork, movement practices, lifestyle and living in tune to our bodies and environments. 

The group will work together to practise non violent communication, active listening and share tools, experiences that can aid recovery. 

Discussions are confidential and we only share what we feel comfortable sharing. We open the space in circle, creating a group agreement. We follow with some small group and paired activities. Depending on the group, we may practice some light movement, meditation and breathwork. We will close with a sharing circle with more informal discussion.

Everyone is welcome. Regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, income and otherwise.

Participants will be given the opportunity to join a private Facebook Group. Here we can continue to share and exchange experiences, knowledge and with the opportunity to plan regular meet ups outside of the circle, to continue the collective support as the community grows.

CIRCLE HOST - Charlie Boyd (Firm Feet®)

I am keen to use my knowledge and experiences as a way of helping others. After years of eating distress/disorders, body image issues and a disconnect from my body, I was experiencing regular migraines, amenorrhoea and chronic health issues. This was a wake up and I began to enquire deeper into myself. I experimented with alternative practices, herbal and plant medicines. I have a particular interest in using movement to stabilise everyday mental health. I started to understand myself better with the learning of Macrobiotic healing arts: a blend of Taoist methodology, Traditional Chinese medicine healing system and cooking in rhythm with your body. Movement, self expression and creativity became integral for me. With an overall practice of eating in season and according to my body’s needs, I became more in tune with myself and my environment. I started listening to my body, expressing myself more with music, meditation and dance. My body became more balanced, my mind calmer and my physical issues began to shift and change and slowly disperse.

I run Firm Feet® where I facilitate Dance in the dark, movement meditation sessions at various venues around London including The Psychedlic Society, Yonder, Paper Dress Yoga, Sadhana Yoga and The Hall. I hold one to one coaching sessions on  on I co-run Women’s workshops where we integrate storytelling, movement, yoga, dance, ceramics and whole food nutrition retreats in Ireland and Portugal. I have recently been appointed a ‘Time to change’ champion and campaigner aiming to end mental health discrimination and promote everyday mental health

Terms & conditions for Firm Feet® SHARE

No Experience needed. This is not counselling. This is a space providing a tool for participants to use. To enable understanding and personal growth from shared experiences and some gentle guidance and support.

Gnome House

7 Blackhorse Lane,
E17 6DS


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