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The Healthy Living Centre

Saturday 22nd June 2019, 11:00am

Price: £140.00
(£145.80 including booking fee)


About Gaia I attunement workshop

Gaia – the Earth element ray – is the foundation for Eternal Light ® energies and the basis for working with all the other Rays of the Eternal Light ® healing system.
This initiation opens up the higher chakras so that one becomes a pure channel for the highest Eternal Light ® healing energies.
On the day you will
• Learn how to scan the chakras and light bodies
• Give and receive a full healing session
• Practice self healing techniques
• Enjoy guided meditations
Do I need any previous experience?
No, anybody can learn Gaia. You only need to be open to receiving.
What is GAIA for?
This first level of Gaia is great for self healing and personal growth.You can use it on family & friends, on your pets or to energize your water!
Each Gaia attunement helps you to let go of old patterns, balance emotions, find more inner peace and heal the true cause of illness & disease, raising you to a higher vibrational frequency..

Contact me on 07950383992  or info@atlashealing.com for enquiries

The Healthy Living Centre

282-284 St Paul's Rd,
N1 2LH


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