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July New Moon

My House

Tuesday 2nd July 2019, 7:30pm

Price: £15.00


About Sisters of the New Moon Circle

Hello Sisters ♥

I have talked about holding circle at my house for a little while and now is the time to put thoughts into action. A few of you may know that I recently trained as a Moon Mentor which has prepared me to hold red-tent style circle in my home.

The great thing about Moon Mentor training is that we are connected to other Moon Circles up and down the country where other women will be doing the same as us at the same time. We will all be connected. ♥

Why Come to Circle?
Moon Circle is always held on the New Moon (or as close as possible). The time of the New Moon is a time for refections and our inner world. Historically, women came together at this time to support, uplift and connect.
This is a safe place to be nurtured, uplifted and celebrated. We meet in truth and authenticity, giving and receiving emotional and mental support.

What to expect (in no particular order)
Cleansing of energies
Joining together with each other and the wider community
Connecting with New Moon energies
Guided meditations.
Sharing circle and deep listening.
Energy Alignment Method (EAM)
Goddess (or other oracle cards)
Manifestation practise
Healing and support
Sharing food

Different themes every month - based on the astrological chart of that New Moon.

This is a transformational process.
We join together to clear and cleanse our energies.
Give support and receive support. ♥

Any questions please contact me on ecstaticlivingleanne@gmail.com or on Social Media

Insta : @ecstatic.living
FB: facebook.com/ecstaticlivingleanne

Website: www.ecstaticliving.co.uk

Thank you
Leanne x

Terms & conditions for Sisters of the New Moon Circle

full terms and conditions can be found at www.ecstaticliving.co.uk

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