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Hosted By Claire Hartnell

The Hive Enterprise Centre

Wednesday 11th September 2019, 10:00am

Price: FREE


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About Building a Culture Roadmap for your growing business Workshop

Getting your culture roadmap right from the start

How can you get your culture right as you scale your growing business?  And why does it matter so much for long term business success?

Developing a clear mission and purpose, fostering the right leadership behaviours and creating an engaged and motivated workforce are as important for business growth as having a great strategic plan.  In this session we will explore the employee behaviours and leadership types which will help your business scale, common people related pitfalls experienced by scale-ups and how workplace culture can make or break a business.

We will help you understand the change in cultural dynamics which occur as businesses grow beyond a certain size and will help you look ahead to developing your first manager cohort.

Who should attend?
This session is open to all however managers, senior manager, owners and directors of SME’s who are looking to scale up and grow their company will find this useful.

About the speaker.
Claire Hartnell – PeopleDiligence

The Hive Enterprise Centre

The Hive Enterprise Centre,
Victoria Avenue,
ss2 6ex


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