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The Ice Box Music & Arts Centre

Saturday 17th August 2019, 1:30pm

Price: £5.00
(£5.50 including booking fee)

I'm afraid this event has already occurred. Let's not live in the past - find an upcoming event!



A day of amazing surf rock featuring bands from all over the UK and Ireland performing Live @ The Ice Box Arts And Music Centre


10 Live bands + Burlesque Dancing + Streetfighter on the Big Screen


PointBreak- Dublin based band who mix a classic style with their own unique SAX based sounds and eye catching stage performance will leave your senses thanking you later

The Atom Jacks-  Three Piece Instrumental create a high speed nuclear reaction with their catchy riffs which in will change your genetic material for the better

The Cosmonauticals- Sun soaked from California now Dublin no one really knows how this secret organisation came to be, but there music will transport you to a pure 60's Americana experience

Secret Admirer- Surf/Garage sadsacks based in Edinburgh play a unique blend of "music" that'll confuse your feet and hurt your brain all the while you'll wonder what is going on here ?

Mariachi Death Squad-  Dripping with reverb come this Edinburgh power surf trio who cant even have a bath  without creating waves bring some powerful twang, bam and boom will get the ground shaking and the stage sweating

Las Mitras- All female Scrapyard/Horror/Surf trio from Glasgow sprinkle a who host of influences on there music creating tunes that give you a nostalgic feeling even though they are fresh off the press

Skellys- Spookcore Quartet straight outta Glasgow rise from the ground with  heavy hitting tunes and enough energy on stage to raise the dead these hell raising skeletons will steal your soul as convulsions take over you body to dance there spooky way

Los Tornillos-  One man Fuzz Machine whose blend of seriously catchy retro pop/surf rock will make you boogie all way through and question weather your getting the most from your iPhone

Crabs- Edinburgh based 4-peice offer up some classic surf sounds and one of greatest dances to ever grace the shores of any country these masked rockers come straight from the sea 
will leaving you sailing out to the ocean to catch another glimpse

Space Rocket Garage Band- Strange but wonderful tetrad from Glasgow present some musical offerings Tom there travels through many galaxy's and black holes with awesome results  

Violet Sons- Surf brothers influenced by all things 60's instrumental surf and psychedelia  showcase there classically trained tunes with a raw edge and catchy riffs will stick your head for days 

The Ice Box Music & Arts Centre

St Lukes Business Estate,
G5 0TS


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