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Ramada Apollo Amsterdam Centre

Tuesday 22nd October 2019, 9:00am

Price: £2,496.00

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About Corrosion Under Insulation: The Hidden Threat!

CUI Event Date 22 – 23 OCTOBER, Location – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

CUI is currently the subject of increased focus for the industrial process industries. Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) refers to the external corrosion of piping (corrosion of metals)and vessels that occurs underneath externally clad/jacketed insulation as a result of the penetration of water. By its very nature CUI tends to remain undetected until the insulation and cladding/jacketing is removed to allow inspection or when leaks occur. CUI annual global control spend is estimated as €2 billion yet there continue to be CUI failures, many of which are significant in terms of safety, cost and reputation

Key Topics of Corrosion Control Masterclass

  • Key characteristics of CUI
  • CUI management strategies
  • Risk-based screening for inspection &remedial work
  • Design considerations
  • Insulation systems & protective coatings
  • Under what circumstances will Thermally Sprayed Aluminium (TSA) coatings give a life of 25+ years?
  • CUI Non-Destructive evaluation techniques
  • Operational safety risk management
  • Common avoidable problems
  • CUI control challenges& latest innovations
  • CUI case studies

Ramada Apollo Amsterdam Centre

Amsterdam, The Netherland,
1008 dg


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