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The Mill

Monday 9th December 2019, 10:00am

Price: FREE

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About Introduction to Starting Up

START 10.00am

ENDS 4.00pm

VENUE: The Mill, 7 - 11 Coppermill Lane, Walthamstow, E17 7HA

This workshop will be an introduction to the most important things you need to think about and plan when setting up a new organisation. You will have the opportunity to meet with others who are setting up.

 Who should attend?

This workshop is for people and organsiations that do or will provide a high proportion of their services to the people of Waltham Forest. Please contact us if you are unsure that you will meet this eligibility criteria.

This workshop is suitable for:

  • People who wish to set up a not-for-profit (eg. community group, a charity or a social enterprise) organisation that will provide services, activities or products to the people of Waltham Forest.

  • People who have set up a not-for-profit organisation recently.  

We encourage you to attend with your colleagues. There will be a limit of three people from each group.

 Pre-course work

We require you to complete out initial assessment questionnaire before attending the workshop. This asks a few questions about your plans and ideas. It will enable the trainer to tailor the workshop to your needs.

 Course content

The workshop help you work through these questions:

  • What are we, a community group, a charity or a social enterprise?

  • Legal forms – what kinds of legal structure are available and how should I chose?

  • Sources of income – what are the different types of income available to my organisation?

  • What’s out there? – what do I need to know about the context my organisation will be working in?

  • Co-operation or competition? How does my organisation fit in with the work of others?


Training Outcomes

On completion of the workshop you will:

  • understand what a legal form is and why it is important
  • know what the key sources of income are for non-profit organisations
  • be introduced to how to go about assessing need
  • understand the key elements of designing a project
  • be poised to decide whether setting up an organisation is right for you

After the workshop we will send you a briefing of further reading and resources to help you develop your organisation.

If you have any questions please contact us on 020 3893 9793, or email chris.todd@walthamforest.gov.uk.

Terms & conditions for Introduction to Starting Up

1.    This workshop is for people thinking about setting up an organisation in the in the voluntary and community sector (staff members, trustees or active volunteers) in Waltam forest. 

2.   We expect a minimum of  3 working days’ notice of cancellation. If three of our training courses are missed without prior notice, you will not be able to participate in any sessions for the remainder of the annual training and events
3.    Lunch is not provided for this course. Ideally, please bring a sandwich or something with you so that we can chat during this time.


Before booking: 
1. Your organization is a voluntary, community or social enterprise organisation

2. Your organization is not a profit making business or a statutory organisation

3. Your organization is based and/or provide services in Waltham Forest

4. Please always check the ticket price.

5.  Please agree the training or event with your manager or budget holder. 6.  Booking is essential for all courses.

7.  Bookings are taken through Tiketlab, unless otherwise stated.

8.  Venues for training sessions may change, so please ensure that you know where the event is to be held. 

By booking an event you commit to:

1.  Attending the entirety of the event, and giving the trainer your full attention. (Please do not arrange to “share” a training day with a colleague as it can be disruptive).

2.  Carrying out any pre-course preparation required.

3.  Bringing any pre-course learning materials, when requested.

4.  Arriving at least 15 minutes before the start of the event, allowing a prompt start and keeping to time. This also ensures fewer disruptions throughout the day.

5.  Anyone arriving late by 30 minutes or more may be turned away and still charged.

6.  Completing and returning an evaluation form to the trainer or facilitator. 
Cancellation and non-attendance:

1.  For training courses that are free for Community Waltham Forest Members, there is a £25 fee payable for non-attendance unless 3 working days’ notice of cancellation has been given. If three of our training courses are missed without prior notice, you will not be able to participate in any sessions for the remainder of the annual training and events programme.

2.  For sessions delivered by external providers, the cancellation period will depend upon the providers’ charges and policies.

3.  For training sessions to successfully go ahead, we require a minimum number of participants. Community Waltham Forest may cancel or postpone events that do not have sufficient bookings.

4.  Community Waltham Forest would prefer not to cancel sessions unless absolutely necessary and will aim to give participants 2 days’ notice of cancellations. 


1.  Participants are expected to sign in and follow the health and safety rules of the venue in which the event is being held.

2.  Participants are expected to pay their own travel and subsistence.

3.  Participants must sign any attendance sheet provided by the trainer or facilitator.

4.  Tea and coffee will be provided at most of our training courses and events.

5.  Lunch will not be provided unless otherwise stated.

6.  Participants who smoke must do so in the designated area, during breaks and lunch only

7.  Mobiles must be switched off or on silent and phone calls only taken during lunch or breaks. 

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