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TV Aerials & CCTV in Oldham

Monday 21st October 2019, 8:00am

Price: FREE

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About Oldham Aerial & CCTV Training Center

TV Aerial and CCTV Training In Oldham

TV Aerials Oldham’s purpose is to provide a pathway to a better future for contractors/installers. We are passionate about people learning new skills and improving their job prospects. TV Aerials Oldham has been delivering industry trusted and approved training for well over 15 years. Our program continues to provide installers with the theoretical and practical knowledge required to service the field with confidence.

Why TV Aerials Oldham?
Trained over 5000 students

Over 15 years of training experience

Industry accredited

The locally owned company with over 75 years of industry experience

As customers become more tech-savvy, their service expectations of technicians also increase. To meet the rising demand for digital entertainment and technologies, TV Aerials Oldham and its RTO partners, have developed a series of new accredited TV Reception Training Courses to help technicians to gain the knowledge and skills needed.

Man holding plans

Course details

Statement of Attainment for Digital Reception Technology’s

TRAIN-DRT-SOA / Cost £1550

Delivery: Face-to-face and correspondence

This program is designed to provide participants with the necessary competencies to install digital reception equipment for homes and businesses. It provides participants with fault finding skills on a range of digital reception equipment for subscription TV and free-to-air TV reception.

Course Duration

This course consists of four day’s face-to-face training, correspondence using print-based learning materials as well as assessments. The correspondence units are approximately 20 hours.


ICT30215 – Statement of Attainment in Digital Reception Technology’s

Eligibility Requirements

It is recommended that participants have substantial vocational experience without formal qualifications

Construction Induction Card Proffered.

Course Content

The course is delivered as a combination of theory and practical subjects covering:

Digital Terrestrial Reception Installation including the selection and installation of terrestrial antennas, managing and installing coaxial cable and designing simple domestic distribution systems

Satellite Digital Reception Systems providing an understanding of radio frequencies, locating satellites, setting up mounts and measuring signals using the latest test equipment

Complex Digital Reception Systems covering a selection of antennas for large systems, and providing participants with an understanding of how to locate and rectify digital reception faults.

Digital Terrestrial Reception Systems in Oldham
TRAIN-DTRI / Cost £880

Embark on your learning path in television reception systems with our two-Month course. The program offers competencies of the Certificate II and III, including selection and installation of terrestrial antennas, managing and installing coaxial cable and designing simple domestic distribution systems. It covers the installation of digital television receiving equipment such as decoders and PVR’s and involves practical exercises to ensure you learn the skills required to progress through a full domestic installation.

Competencies and content to be delivered are:

Install a terrestrial Aerial

Install digital reception equipment

Conduct radio frequency measurement

Course Content

Install digital terrestrial Aerial and equipment

Install and terminate coaxial cable

Conduct radio frequency measurements

Customer service process

Digital equipment integration

Importance of checking tools and equipment

Television theory for digital signals

Satellite Digital Reception Systems

TRAIN-SDRS / Cost £550

Offering competencies of the Certificate II and III, this one day program will arm you with knowledge of the design, installation and commissioning of new systems; ranging from domestic premises to 5 wire trunk SMATV systems. Exercises will ensure your understanding of radio frequencies, locating satellites, setting up mounts and measuring signals using the latest test equipment. Walk away with the knowledge of Pay TV installation standards and you will be in the box seat to profit from market demand.

Entry Requirement

Digital Terrestrial Reception Systems Course

Competencies to be delivered are:

Install a Satellite Aerial

Course Content

Understand industry terms

Understand television theory for satellite signals

Understand test and measure for satellite systems

Approach to 5 wire topology for large systems

Understand the Local design symbols

Reporting and documentation

Complex Digital Reception Systems

TRAIN-CDRS / Cost £550

This one day course dives into complex digital systems, encompassing competencies of the Certificate II and III in television reception systems. You learn not only how to select antennas for large systems, but you will also gain an understanding of how to locate and rectify digital reception faults. To keep pace with the demands of consumers and business today, emphasis in the new digital era is on the convergence of the Internet, Pay TV, Terrestrial TV and in-house video systems, especially for applications in hotels, apartments and commercial premises.

Entry Requirement

Completion of Digital Terrestrial Reception Systems and Satellite Digital Reception Systems

Competencies to be delivered are:

Locate & rectify digital reception equipment faults

Install a complex digital reception system

Integrate a customer digital reception system

Course Content

Revise television theory for digital signals

Selecting antennas and mounts for commercial applications

Revise test and measure

Electrical specifications for complex digital

Approach to Star topology for large systems

Understand the Local design symbols

Understand the commissioning process

Reporting and documentation

Course dates and fees

FAQ Aerials

Can I attend the courses out of sequence?

No. TV Aerials Oldham offers a progressive training program and courses need to be completed in sequence. You must start from the beginning and work your way through as each course covers concepts that are required for the next course.

Do I need to be accredited to become an installer or work in the industry?

No. There is no mandatory requirement for installers to be accredited to be able to work. However, being a complex industry to work in, the aim of the TV Aerials Oldham courses is to educate you so that you have the theory and practical knowledge to be able to work on-site.

Apart from the statement of attainment what other documents will I receive after attending the TV Aerials Oldham courses?

TV Aerials Oldham only issues the statement of attainment. The RTO will issue the competencies achieved as a complete document.

What if I have previously completed a TV Aerials Oldham Course/s?

TV Aerials Oldham has introduced new courses in 2010. The new courses have up to date content which covers the digital switchover and complies with the Local Council’s requirements and framework for our industry. If you have completed a TV Aerials Oldham course in 2009 (or prior) you can attend the similar replacement course at the refresher rate.

How do I get my Statement of Attainment in Digital Reception Technologies?

To achieve Statement of Attainment in Digital Reception Technology’s you are required to pass a set number of competencies/learning modules. The first set of competencies is delivered through the TV Aerials Oldham Training Program. A total of 8 competencies will be taught over the Digital Terrestrial, Satellite Digital and Complex Digital courses. You will need to sit and pass an exam at the end of each course. Once you have passed all competencies offered by TV Aerials Oldham, you will then be directed to Conquest Communications . Conquest Communications Uk will issue you with a Statement of Attainment.

How will I be notified of my course results?

At the completion of the TV Aerials Oldham courses, all exams will be marked by our Training Manager. All results will then be recorded on a database. All attendees will receive a letter in the weeks following the training informing them of their results together with instructions of what to do next.

What do I get for completing the TV Aerials Oldham Course/s?

Upon completion of each TV Aerials Oldham Course, you will receive a Certificate of Attendance from TV Aerials Oldham. You will also have the opportunity to achieve your Statement of Attainment in Digital Reception Technology.

What if I don’t pass my competency exams?

If you do not pass any of the competencies delivered in a course you attended, you will be able to re-sit the exam for the failed competencies. You will be required to make arrangements with TV Aerials Oldham for this. You can attempt the assessments every 2 weeks. If after 4 attempts you have not passed the competencies, you will be asked to complete the refresher course.

What is the Council’s Aerial Installer endorsement scheme?

The Local Council has established the Aerial Installer Endorsement Scheme as part of the Council’s quality assurance measures. This is to ensure consumers have access to skilled and endorsed Aerial installers to help them get ready for digital TV.

Who is Conquest communications?

Conquest communications is a registered training organisation or RTO, they enable TV Aerials Oldham to deliver training under their guidance to meet the Local training standards. On completion of the TV Aerials Oldham training, the RTO will issue the candidate with the statement of attainment listing the competencies attained by the candidate. Conquest communications as a partner can provide the balance of Telecommunications and OH&S training to help you achieve a full Certificate 3 DRT telecommunications qualification.

This qualification is ideal for anyone wishing to work as a CCTV operative. It provides learners with the necessary skills and knowledge to apply for an SIA licence in this field. It has been developed to meet the requirements of the Security Industry Authority (SIA). The need for CCTV and CCTV Operators is on the rise and the need for quality Closed Circuit Television training is widespread. This SIA recognised three-day course is designed to teach you how to assist companies with their CCTV, as well as train you to be a proactive CCTV Operator.


This qualification consists of three units:
Unit 1: Working within the Private Security Industry
Unit 2: Working as a CCTV Operator within the Private Security Industry
Unit 3: Practical Operation of CCTV Equipment within the Private Security Industry


Security operatives are likely to make calls to the emergency services or need to communicate clearly to resolve the conflict. It is therefore essential that security operatives are able to communicate clearly. As an entry requirement, all learners must possess language skills equivalent to ESOL qualification at SCQF Level 5 awarded by SQA. This course is delivered over 3-4 days


Unit 1 – Working within the Private Security Industry
This unit is assessed by a 40-question multiple-choice examination which is externally set and externally assessed. The examination duration is 60 minutes. Learners must achieve a score of at least 70% to pass.

Unit 2 – Wo

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