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Hitchin Priory

Friday 20th March 2020, 7:00pm

Price: £32.00
(£33.48 including booking fee)


About Hitchin Priory Ghost Hunt

In Hitchin Priory, dating back to the 14th century, there are many paranormal goings on. According to legend, one ghoul from the 19th century and two others of 100 years earlier, are frequent visitors to the grounds and rooms. It is rumoured to be the spooky spirits of women committed to keeping an eye on the priory, in the afterlife.

The priory is said to be haunted by the spirit of a royalist killed by Roundheads a few miles down the road during the civil war. Goring allegedly appears once a year on June 15th travelling to his last earthly destination.

Hitchin Priory is haunted by a mysterious grey lady that has been witnessed floating above the stairs on the top floor of the Priory building. The lady is thought to be the sweetheart of Goring. He had been hiding in a nearby house when he was found and forced to flee. He was caught under a tree near the priory, where he was killed. His sweetheart supposedly saw him being killed on the grounds, tjrough the top window and is said to be wandering the corridors.

There are several other sightings throughout the priory, including an apparition of a lady in red. It has been said she is the lady in the portrait at the top east staircase. There are also reports of children heard on the staircase and its suspected that these are the children also in the same portrait.

We are fortunate enough to be allowed entrance to the cellar bar and adjoining cellar, which used to have 3 secret tunnels leading out into Hitchin town. We also have use of two of the bedrooms upstairs.

The staff and guests at this venue are constantly experiencing things. Only the day before I had the guided tour, the manager witnessed something in one of the corridors!

March 20th 2020     7pm - 1am 

Hannah, our tarot card reader, will also be attending on the night at am additional cost.

Hitchin Priory

Tilehouse Street,


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