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The Manor Health and Wellness Centre

Friday 24th January 2020, 7:00pm

Price: £16.00
(£17.00 including booking fee)

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About Goddess Ascension Circle

What is Goddess Ascension Circle?

Goddess Ascension Circle is an invitation to all women to gather with like-minded souls for connection, support and nuture.

As women we are often caring for, supporting and nurturing others with not much time and energy for ourselves.

Goddess Ascension Circle provides and sacred space to be seen and heard, to find support and comfort, and connect with other members of your tribe.

We welcome your whole and true self to bathe in the energy of a non-judgemental and understanding atmosphere, and receive the healing and nourishment we all need.

The Circle is where the magic happens.

Through deep and meaningful connection, though being heard, listened to and supported we can reawaken our innate intuitive feminine nature.


Who runs Goddess Ascension Circle?

Goddess Ascension Circle is the loving creation of Carly Budd and Leanne Heath. Both women have years of experience and knowledge of creating and holding sacred space for women.

Carly is a master healer bringing her knowledge of reiki, crystals and nuturing touch to share with the circle. Creating a powerful vortex of healing for all those attending. Carly is also an empathic Earth Angel who’s intuitive power comes from feeling the emotions of others, and deeply understanding those in pain for the purpose of healing.

Leanne is a super-psychic with a powerful intuition. She as worked with hundreds of people helping them shift their consciousness, align their energies and transform their lives. Leanne has sat in and held sacred circle space for women, and with her knowledge and experience you will get the right support you need.


What do we do in Circle?

Each circle is brought together with a guided meditation which connects us to each other and our wider tribe through Mother Earth’s healing grid. 

There is always time and space for a Sharing Circle where you will get the opportunity to share as much or as little of what you need. This is a time to be deeply listened to and be held by your sisters.

We usually discuss the astrology of that time and reflect on how the influence of the stars may be affecting our lives. We also connect with our intuition though oracle cards to recieve and message we may need to hear.

We arrange a different activity each circle. This could be an art or craft, talking point or some sort of movement meditation.

We always finish with a closing meditation which included as a group healing ceremony performed by Carly and Leanne. This can include sound, scents, crystals, reiki and healing touch.

There is time after every circle for tea and chat before the journey home.


Come as you are.

You are free to be yourself and participate as much or as little as you feel.



We run monthly at the Manor Health and Wellness Centre, Manor Road Colchester. Closest parking is St Mary's Carpark.

Time: 7pm - 9pm

Exchange £16

You will need:

  • a blanket
  • your journal
  • a mug/cup - something for tea
  • wear comfortable clothing
  • anything to make yourself relaxed and comfortable

Terms & conditions for Goddess Ascension Circle

terms and conditions can be found at www.ecstaticliving.co.uk

The Manor Health and Wellness Centre

The Manor,
Manor Road,


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