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Friday 3rd April 2020, 7:00pm

Price: £10.00


About Jess Richards' Marathon Fundraiser

My little sister Jess is running the London Marathon in April. This might not seem like such a shock to most people but you didn't grow up with her... Just getting up to get a drink from the kitchen was a chore for her so committing to the practice and running this distance is a big leap. I couldn't be more proud of her for doing it and raising money for a charity that means a lot to her. 

What many of you also aren't aware of is that Jess was diagnosed with Colitis, an autoimmune disease that affects the large intestine, when she was 8. She was rushed to hospital with an infected hip and spent a week being prodded and poked as they tried to figure out what had causes the infection in her hip. She was on a ward with other children who sadly weren't as lucky as Jess as they had parts of their bowels removed and left with stomas. Jess spent the next year adjusting to the steroids which were the only treatment. It must have been hard to deal with but Jess has always remained cheery in the face of her illness. Despite having to use a Zimmer frame or crutches! She hardly tells anyone about her condition or moans about how it affects her, so much so she's always the life and soul of any party and puts everyone in a good mood.

For those of you that don't know what Colitis is, here are some of the symptoms - runny tummy, often with blood and mucus, the need to pass poop much more frequently and with no warning, severe tummy pain, fatigue, low immune system so catch bugs easier than others and takes longer to recover. In many cases people have the infected area of their intestine and live with a stoma. https://www.crohnsandcolitis.org.uk/

I know how often we get asked to donate to people's challenges so rather than ask for simply a donation I thought I'd give you guys something back. We are hosting a Trivia Night with an exceptional quiz master. Tickets include entry to the quiz, a free drink (wine, beer or soft drink) and nibbles. The more people that buy tickets the more affordable booze will be so you'll get more for your money so rally up all your mates. 

Arrive from 7pm. The quiz will start at 8pm. Location is east - Waltham forest - but will be confirmed once we have numbers. Teams of up to 6. Spot prizes will.be given on the night for best team name, worst answer, winning team... You get the picture. 

Hope to see lots of you on the night.

And of course if you can't make it then please donate by buying a ticket for the event and let me know that you won't be there in person. 


Milli x

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