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Breathwork & Meditation

Allia Future Business Centre

Thursday 5th March 2020, 10:00am - 11:00am

Price: £13.50

I'm afraid this event has already occurred. Let's not live in the past - find an upcoming event!

About Mindfulness with Shangkari

Mindfulness is the gateway to emotional and mental well-being. It is a gentle approach to meditation. This workshop will help you explore this practice in a way that suits your needs and strengthens your connection with yourself.  

The art of mindfulness to harnesses the true power of the mind, allows you to find your centre and be continuously nourished in the serenity of your being.

          Improve your focus


                      Awaken your senses


          Enhance your Clarity


                       Unleash your Creativity


Ease Yourself Into Peace Today

Allia Future Business Centre

Allia Future Business Centre,
London Road,


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