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Tunbridge Wells

Wednesday 1st July 2020, 7:00pm

Price: £30.00
(£31.40 including booking fee)

I'm afraid this event has already occurred. Let's not live in the past - find an upcoming event!

About Soul Retrieval

A Soul Retrieval may be required if you have suffered a soul loss in this or a past life time, which can result in an emotional imbalance or physical pain. A vital part of you has been lost.


A portion of your soul is free to leave the body whenever it wishes to, for example, it could leave the body to protect itself from potentially damaging situations, emotional or physical.


You may require assistance in order to retrieve the damaged part of your soul; helping you to return to greater wholeness.


I will guide you to the Kai Pacha, the Lower World, where you will journey into the deepest waters of your unconscious. There you will be invited to visit 4 chambers that each contain a record of your soul history along with the missing part of your soul. As you journey, you will be able to read these records and uncover your deeply buried wounds, contracts, blessings, and gifts.


Once the piece of your soul has been retrieved, we will invite a Power Animal to enter your life and support you along your path.

Terms & conditions for Soul Retrieval

Earybird cost: £25 - valid until Tuesday 23 June

Thereafter: £30

(payment in advance, non-refundable)


Minimum numbers will apply.

Zoom link will be sent on receipt of payment.

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