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Low Hall nature reserve

Friday 3rd July 2020, 2:30pm

Price: £15.00

Sold out

About Family 121 forest school session

A forest school springboard, if you like. This session isn't going to be you arriving to a fully set up forest school, but is offered to help you and your child to enjoy accessing the wild spaces of the borough yourselves. To this end, you'll be given a Forest School Ideas Sack per family, full of the bare bones of what you'll need to have a great time and make memories outside. It may contain: string, wood cookies, bug hunting stuff, and simple tools to make and create in nature, and more! It'll hopefully be a bit like opening a Christmas stocking! 
I'll be on hand as you unpack it, to help you and your child dream up cool ways to use it and fantastic things to make with it, in the woods. So, you'll not only get a sack of stuff, but also half an hour of my time and creative brain! As with all forest school, at its best, its all about what the children choose to do with their time, their imagination, their interests, so I can't predict exactly what your sack ingredients will turn into!
However, they are yours to keep, so you can enjoy them over and over again, in as many different directions as your child's imagination can take you.

The session fee covers half an hour of my time, plus an Ideas Sack. I'm happy to have up to five people per session, so if you want to turn up with a friend and your two/three kids between you, that's fine by me. If you'd want an extra sack because of this, I can probably sort this out at a cost of £7.50 per sack- send me an email at curiouswilds@gmail.com and I'll let you know how to pay for this.

Terms & conditions for Family 121 forest school session

If you or any member of your family have a cough, high temperature, or loss of taste/smell, let me know, and I'll rebook you for a fortnight's time.

This session is run on the understanding that we will be practicing social distancing of at least 1m, preferably 2m, between me and all members of your family. If you need me to wear a mask for your peace of mind, let me know, and I'm happy to do so.

This session is for me to support you in helping your child to make the most of the contents of the Ideas Sack- it is not childcare. Your child is your responsibility at all times.

If it is a rainy day, the session will still go ahead- wear appropriate clothing.


Low Hall nature reserve

behind St James park,
E17 8AX


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