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The Horn Beam Cafe and Centre

Thursday 20th July 2017, 7:00pm

Price: FREE

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About Light Language and Heart Song workshop

Gather in safe space to release your energy, revitalise your body and connect to your soul - all through your own soul's VOICE!

Words and grammar from our verbal cortex, our reptilian mind, have little place here as we delve into our innocent and childlike self, expressing ourselves without words. From the outrageous to the cathartic, releasing songs and sounds from our body/mind/soul allows us to truly express feelings without the limit of human speech! 

As a singer and speaker of Light Language, it gives me great joy to share with the Horn Beam community this liberating method of communication and healing, channelled from our higher selves.

With a heart opening Cacao Ceremony to start, combined with a gentle active meditation, and variety of fun and active voice opening exercises, we relax our bodies and allow for the healing and releasing of any energetic blocks we may be holding on to.   

It is my invitation that during the joyshop you allow yourself to dive deeply, releasing all that may wish to come up through your voice, allowing any part of you that wishes to be “heard” the space to be, in this, sacred and safe space.

Emotions, tears and laugher are all likely, and you are most welcome to be all that you are during this evening. Plenty of time will be given for sharing your experiences and allowing reflection on anything that comes up during the evening. 

For more information on Light Language or to contact me, find me here:   Facebook: Analulu Mary                                                                www.analulumary.com                                                                          07495701777                                                               wearedivinebeings@gmail.com

Terms & conditions for Light Language and Heart Song workshop

No "singing" experience necessary, if you can talk you can sing from your heart!

If you have any rattles or shakers do bring along to add to the evening's musc making.   

Bring a blanket for your comfort during the evening.

PLEASE NOTE: Event is held on a pay-what-you-can to enable to all who this event calls to to attend. Donations around £10-15 appreciated, (to cover travel costs however) your donation is your choice! 

The Horn Beam Cafe and Centre

Hoe Street,
E17 9AH


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