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Locus Of Walthamstow

Friday 21st July 2017, 10:00am

Price: £57.33
(£59.82 including booking fee)


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About CreativiTEA

This workshop is for 6 weeks starting from 21st July 10:00 - 11:30am

This price of this ticket is for all 6 weeks of the workshop

Tutor Bio: Amanda was born in Walthamstow in ’67 and my family roots, for over six generations, lie here. The borough is an exciting place to be right now and I am enjoying the opportunity to be part of several creative ventures, as well as delivering my own therapeutic Expressive Arts workshops. I am also a Visual Artist and experienced Art Psychotherapist, having worked in many fields including the NHS, Voluntary sector and Education with people from all walks of life and ages. Importantly I see myself as an inward traveller and external roamer.

Course Outline:

CreativiTEA offers a valuable opportunity for local people (18yrs+) to meet and share their life experiences and feelings through image/art making and discussion. A person does not need to be 'good at art' to engage in CreativiTEA sessions. Although the facilitator is an Art Therapist and a Visual Artist this is not an Art Therapy group or skills based session. Artwork is not judged in any way on its aesthetic or technical merits, rather it is an expression unique to that individual and therefore valued as important to them. The most simple paint mark or manipulation of a piece of clay can offer a meaningful form of self-expression and communication.

Each session is a complete workshop in itself. There will be an introductory exercise, time for making, refreshments and participants will be invited to share/discuss their art work and to explore any feelings arising from it. The facilitator is very experienced and creates a safe, nurturing and fun space for exchange and exploration.

CreativiTEA 1

The Poetry of Line and Form


A single word, sentence or phrase can provide a powerful association to an experience or emotion. Using a selection of poems as our starting point we will create art works from found images and text to form personal collages.


CreativiTEA 2

Exploring the Abstract

Through experimenting with of a range of art materials and trying different techniques we can arrive at unexpected places. Using frottage and collage, along with finger paints, inks, watercolours and acrylics we have a rich palette to freely immerse ourselves in ‘playing’. Through ‘letting go’ and exploring marks on paper we will build up unique and personal abstract expressions.


CreativiTEA 3

The Colour of Music and Sound

Music and sound can be powerful triggers to memory, alter our mood and induce powerful emotions. In this creative visual arts workshop we will listen to snippets of music, found sounds, experience silence and the noise around us to connect what we hear to how we feel. Using a variety of graphic art materials and paint we will make a series of personal images in association to these themes.


CreativiTEA 4

Creating Together


In this workshop we will be creating a large image as a group using charcoal and paint. By moving around the picture plane we will be exploring how we negotiate space, forge connections and leave our own mark.


CreativiTEA 5

A Space of One’s Own

In this three dimensional workshop we will be using air drying clay to create a miniature environment, portraying one’s own space. A space where dreams, ideas and fantasies are given a physical form.


CreativiTEA 6

The Wandering and Still Mind

A series of Mindfulness exercises will provide an opportunity to connect to our breath and explore how / where we are locating feeling in our own bodies. In response to each exercise participants will be invited to produce a series of personal images, using a variety of graphic art materials. Following a guided visualisation through a colourful journey, we will explore personal interpretations evolving from this using paint.




Overall potential benefits of participation:

  • To explore life events and transitions

  • To safely release 'bottled up' emotions

  • To communicate using a non-verbal means of expression and/or to use imagery as a focused channel for discussion

  • To gain a sense of freedom of expression and to have fun by being able to ‘play’ with art materials, images and constructions

  • To gain support and increase understanding through conversing with others who may be experiencing similar feelings and/or life journeys

  • To increase self-confidence, gain greater self-awareness and enhance self-esteem

  • To challenge oneself and to gain a sense of achievement by doing this

  • To be given an opportunity to express feelings that maybe too confusing, frightening, overwhelming to verbalize

  • To help counteract social isolation and to build positive new relationships

Terms & conditions for CreativiTEA

Once booked this ticket is non refundable unless the workshop is cancelled by the host. 

Locus Of Walthamstow

1 Chingford road,
e17 4pw


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