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London's Hidden Life Support

Online event: link will be forwarded

Tuesday 1st June 2021, 7:00pm - 8:15pm

Price: £5.00

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About LFA 2021 > HIdden in Plain Sight: London Infrastructure

Low-fi film (12mins) followed by photographs/maps with narration and a small group debate, as we explore this hidden world.

Increasingly as one moves to the periphery of London, the vast networks of infrastructure that keep us fed and watered become apparent. The scale of the operations that keep our shops full starts to dawn. But why should we care?

Simon Cole (Hackney Tours, Container Cult) has been following the threads from East London to the other side of the world. By taking notice of our infrastructure, he argues, we can start to join the dots that connect us to the global systems that must be interrogated if we are to tackle issues like Climate Change or the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

If nothing else, we may experience a modern kind of sublime as we comprehend the hidden life support systems without which our current lifestyles - indeed our survival - would not be possible.

After a 12 minute film, there'll be a facilitated debate with further images and information to provoke thought about how we go forward post-lockdown and pre-Net Zero.

(Zoom event, all online. Duration 1hr)

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