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The CentrE17

Sunday 3rd December 2017, 4:00pm

Price: £7.00
(£7.62 including booking fee)

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About Turkey Tinsel - OVER 65 - WRONG

TURKEY TINSEL tells the tales of those whose lives must not be forgotten, but treasured as gifts - not just for Christmas! 

TURKEY TINSEL invites you to join Gladis, Flora, Norris, Annie, Winnie and Wilfred, Diana and Danny, Keith, Chloe, Catherine and Flo, Sidney and Shirley - and the rest of the crowd you will warmly get to know. 

TURKEY TINSEL celebrates togetherness: inspires us to reflect on the past and encourage us to look to the future optimistically. 

TURKEY TINSEL has been inspired by my Nan's annual Christmas adventures across the UK, travelling to hotels to relish the magic of a 'Turkey and Tinsel' seasonal break. It showcases the amazing times their generation has lived through and the contributions they have made to the world. 

TURKEY TINSEL follows a Nurse on a coach holiday tour to the many hotels that celebrate seasons greetings throughout October, November and December. 

Terms & conditions for Turkey Tinsel - OVER 65 - WRONG

Tickets are non-refundable. Proof of purchase must be shown to gain admission 

The CentrE17

1 Church Hill,
E17 3AB


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