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Fairfield Village Hall

Sunday 14th November 2021, 7:30pm

Price: £5.00
(£5.50 including booking fee)

About The Zookeeper's Wife (12)

The film tells the true story of how Jan and Antonina ?abi?ski rescued hundreds of Polish Jews from the Germans by hiding them in their Warsaw zoo during World War II.

Directors(s) Niki Caro                       Production Year 2017

Genre(s) Drama                               Approx. running minutes 121m

Cast Jessica Chastain, Johan Heldenbergh, Daniel Bruhl, Jitka Smutna, Shira Haas, Waldemar Kobus, Timothy Radford, Efrat Dor, Iddo Goldberg, Michael McElhatton


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THE ZOOKEEPER'S WIFE is a drama, based on a true story that begins in Poland in 1939, concerning a couple who join the Resistance and rescue people from the Warsaw Ghetto.


There are scenes in which Resistance fighters battle German soldiers. These include brief sight of bullet impact wounds, and a German soldier is briefly set on fire by a Molotov cocktail. One scene shows two women being shot in their heads by German soldiers. There are also scenes in which zoo animals are shot by soldiers, and some in which the Warsaw Ghetto is burned to the ground. However, there is limited detail.


There is a scene in which a German officer throws a woman onto a bed and forces himself on her. However, there is no further detail and the scene ends before rape occurs. In another scene a young teenage girl is taken away by two German soldiers. It is implied that she is subsequently raped, although there is no detail of this. A boy is threatened by a German office who intends to shoot him. A gunshot is heard from offscreen, implying the boy has been shot, although this turns out not to be the case.


There is brief female breast nudity as a couple lie in bed.

The film also contains several scenes in which adults smoke cigarettes, reflecting the period in which the film is set.

Fairfield Village Hall

Stourbridge Road,
B61 9LZ


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