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42 Acres Shoreditch

Friday 12th January 2018, 8:00pm

Price: £50.00
(£52.20 including booking fee)

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About Midwinter Mythical Flow and Vegan Supper with Tanja Mickwitz

A Very Special Midwinter Mythical Flow 

What better time than a dark January night to gather round for storytelling, a warming Vinyasa practice followed by supper in great company. Come along to nourish soul and spirit with Tanja’s much-loved Mythical Flow and the East of Eden community at beautiful 42 Acres in Shoreditch. 

Mythical Flow forms a full journey through mythology, yoga, mantra and mudra which will take you into a deeper understanding of yoga as well as yourself. The stories act as a mirror reflecting back at us how we choose to act within the stories of our own lives. The symbolism of the myths is really about what happens within ourselves and connecting to different deity energies allows us to reflect over how these different aspects of ourselves shape our behaviour and who we are in the world. Through the tools of practice we can invoke exactly what we need to act more skilfully and live more fully. And in a addition to being a great tool for reflection these stories provide great fun as a backdrop to practice! 

After practise, enjoy a delicious vegan supper.

42 Acres Shoreditch

66 Leonard St,


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