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The Society

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About The Society

The Society is holding a unique Open Evening. They're inviting you to join them, by awakening your own Inner Demon.

Merge with a strange crew of witches and demons, as these denizens of our cultural subconscious - drawn from the haphazardly documented Walpurgis Night traditions of European folklore - struggle up through the cracks in Hackney's modern façade.

What does it mean to be BAD in 2019?

Did real evil die, somewhere on the other side of corporate self-improvement?

The Society of Satanic Spirits isn't prepared to let it go just yet.

An interactive initiation, that will guide you through the discovery of your Inner Demon through a series of tasks and questions. Be prepared to introspect.

Showing at St Augustine's Tower, Hackney, in September.

Don't Be Absurd is developing the project with support from Hackney Historic Buildings Trust, ZU-UK, University of East London & Anima Theatre.

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