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About us

Ticketlab is a totally free self-service ticketing platform that enables you to quickly and easily create events and sell tickets.

You’re probably wondering what the catch is - well, there isn’t one! Let’s take a quick trip back through time to explain why we want to help make amazing events happen.

How we got here

Our Ticketlab journey started back in 2012. We were working with Get it Loud in Libraries, a not-for-profit live music initiative that puts on gigs in libraries across the country. After trying out some of the big ticketing sites, we quickly realised that there were lots of unnecessary costs, for them as the event organiser and for the people buying tickets too. To top it all off, the ticketing companies' systems were clunky, slow and super confusing. The answer to all our problems was obvious; set up our own simple, ethically priced and easy-to-use ticketing platform. And that’s just what we did.

Since we started Ticketlab, we've enabled thousands of people to create, share, find and book events. But it’s more than that, because we put you - the chief uber event organiser, the ‘look what I’ve found’ social networker, the first through the door gig-goer - first and indeed foremost. That’s why it’s completely free for you as the organiser to create and sell tickets to your events (and we don’t take a share of your profits either). And for those buying tickets we keep our booking fees really low, much lower than any other ticketing site, so that it works for you too.

Get started by creating your event or finding an event.

So who are we?

Meet Riley:


Hey, pleased to meet you! I’ve been making websites since the Internet was nowt but fields. I’ve done stints creating sites for social networks, advertising agencies, banks and even bingo halls, but always knew that I wanted to make something that would actually help people do what they love and succeed at it.

I’m in charge of all of the digi-stuff - if you find a bug, if you need a hand, if you have an idea for new functionality that would help you out, or if you just want to talk about this year’s Glastonbury line-up, the address is riley@ticketlab.co.uk.

Meet Becs:


Hi, I’m Becs! I’ve spent the last ten years writing for websites and blogs as well as managing social media communities and lots of other digital communications channels. I’ve volunteered with Get it Loud in Libraries for the last nine years and have worked for various charities and not-for-profits while living and working in London town.

I love events (both organising and attending them!) music and essentially all things digital. I’m here, like Riley and Garth, to make Ticketlab the best it can be for you to use. So if you’d like to chat about anything Ticketlab-related, drop me a line at becs@ticketlab.co.uk.

Meet Garth:

Yo... how’s it going? Born and bred in smoky ol’ Londinius, I’ve been getting my hands dirty with all things creative since I was knee-high to a grasshopper. With over 15 years’ experience in branding, marketing and communications across both traditional and new media, I love seeing how good design can improve people’s experiences.

From time to time my Ticketlab compadres will wheel me out of the basement to consult on design, branding and potential marketing activities. Think we’ve missed a trick? Then throw an email through the trapdoor to garth@ticketlab.co.uk.

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