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Ticketlab is completely free to event promoters, bands and venues - you'll incur absolutely no charges when you set up your event.

So, you're probably wondering how we make money? Well, a small booking fee will be added to each ticket upon checkout. We're not greedy (promise!); we only charge a fee of 20p per ticket (which covers some of the payment processing fees, plus a sliding percentage of a maximum of 6%.

You won't find any hidden costs when you buy or sell tickets using our site - all fees are itemised prior to checkout so you can be sure that your customers know exactly what they're paying for.

In order to make it as simple as possible for you to work out what these charges look like, we've created a little calculator for you. Just type in the amount you wish to charge for your tickets and it'll work out the booking fee based on that to give you the total fee per ticket.

Ticket price calculator

Total Price paid by your guests: £1.26

Booking fee paid by your guests: £0.26

Please note that our booking fees were revised and reduced on 27th December 2017.

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