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Ticketing companies price comparison

Ticketlab is the cheapest way to sell tickets to your event

Yes, that's right Ticketlab is actually cheaper than all the other ticketing companies. Our prices include every cost and outline every single penny your customers will pay. There are absolutely no hidden costs.

You're probably wondering how we make a living here at Ticketlab? Well we make a small booking fee when your guests book their tickets. Simple!

Hidden costs? Ticketlab doesn't have any!

We've checked everyone's prices, from Eventbrite and We Got Tickets to Billetto and lots more. And we're cheaper than all of them. Most of the other ticketing companies have lots of hidden costs, so whilst they may seem cheap on the surface. Once your customers get to that checkout page, there will be additional ‘payment provider' or ‘transaction costs' you didn't know about. You'll probably also wonder what on earth they're there for?!

We've tried to gather all our ticketing competitors prices so you can see for yourself and your mind up yourself. Sadly, the other ticket sellers (like Eventbrite) often have additional or hidden costs on top of the costs they advertise, but we've bought a few tickets to find out the real costs and published them below.

Create your event and start selling tickets now!

Here's a breakdown of all the ticketing companies prices:

Company Ticket price
£5 £10 £20 £100
Ticketlab £0.50 £0.70 £1.20 £4.20
Tickitbookit £0.75 £1.50 £3.00 £15.00
Tickettext £1.00 £1.00 £2.00 £10.00
Ticketlight £0.70 £1.00 £1.25 £5.00
Eventbrite Essentials (before VAT) £0.71 £0.91 £1.31 £4.51
Eventbrite Professional (before VAT) £0.79 £1.07 £1.62 £6.02
Fatsoma £0.50 £1.00 £2.00 £10.00
Billetto £0.68 £0.90 £1.32 £4.68
WeGotTickets £0.50 £1.00 £2.00 £8.00
Skiddle £0.75 £1.25 £2.25 £10.25

If you know of any ticketing sites we're missing or would like us to do a price check on someone else, or would like to chat about anything else, just drop us a line at info@ticketlab.co.uk.

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